Welcome to GuestHouse Inn & Suites in Kennewick, WA

When you stay at GuestHouse Inn & Suites in Kennewick, WA, you'll find less stress, more rest and more inspiration with our new approach to lodging.

Free Daily Hot Breakfast

GuestHouse Inn & Suites - Kennewick, WA

From FREE daily hot breakfast to a spacious all suite layout, GuestHouse strives to meet the needs of every traveler. You won't pay for obsolete, unnecssary ammenities when you visit GuestHouse Inn & Suites. Our hotel is designed to make life simple, and that simply means saving you money.

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Complex isn't always better

GuestHouse Inn & Suites simply gives its guests what they want when traveling - comfortable and quiet rooms, friendly and efficient staff, and a brand that follows through on its promises, at a fair price. Our all-suite hotel features the amenities you look for, the level of service you demand at a price that keeps you coming back.

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Goverment Discounts
GuestHouse Inn & Suites offers federal and state government employees and military personnel clean and comfortable accommodations for a discount. All you'll need is your government-issed photo ID.

Senior Discounts
GuestHouse Inn & Suites offers seniors a 10% discount off standard rates. Just remember to show your ID at check-in as proof of age to secure your special rate.

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